Ozzy Osbourne’s Sobriety & Jack Osbourne’s Sobriety – A Father and Son Recovery Journey

The Recovery Process for Ozzy Osbourne’s Sobriety and Jack Osbourne’s Sobriety

The Osbourne’s have been on the fringes of the spotlight for a long time.

Ozzy’s rock star days saw him catapulted into stardom, and the family rose to prominent positions in the reality entertainment industry, where it was almost impossible to think of Ozzy sober, and even less likely to imagine Ozzy Osbourne’s sobriety lasting long term.

However, life in the spotlight is rarely as lovely as it looks.

Even reality TV cleans up a lot of the “reality” that happens.

Ozzy’s family seemed semi-functional through the camera lens, but there was a deep-seated problem brewing within the Osbourne’s lifestyle – alcoholism.

Green Facts mentions that over 76 million people worldwide suffer from alcohol use problems.

Many of these people struggle with overcoming their addiction, but they don’t have the added pressure of TV cameras on them.

Ozzy was no stranger to being in and out of rehab.

Immediate Placement in Substance Abuse Rehab

Jack notes that his father was typically gone for long stretches through his musical career, either on tour or recovering from one addiction or another.

Jack himself spiraled into alcohol use as a result of trying to escape from his life.

Yet, today, both Jack and Ozzy have overcome this damaging substance dependence. Read on to find out more about Ozzy’s drug addiction and how the Osbourne’s journey led to sobriety.

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