Sobriety and Being in Love: How Bachelorette Star Zac Clark is Using His Platform to Offer Help to Those Struggling with Addiction

Reality TV has been a mainstay of American television since the mid-90s.

The tried-and-true formula of taking individuals and sticking them into a situation to see how they react has launched many entertainment careers.

One of the personalities that it has thrown into the limelight is Zac Clark.

The 37-year-old New Jersey resident came out the winner in The Bachelorette this year, but one of the lowest moments of his life came into stark focus on the camera when it came to sobriety and being in love.

Zac was a former drug and alcohol addict.

In a one-on-one session where he opened up to his future bride Tayshia about his traumatic experiences and how he eventually got clean.

From Brain Surgery to Substance Abuse

Zac’s downward spiral began when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent surgery at the tender age of 23, and after surviving it, he got hooked on prescription painkillers that were prescribed to him to help him recover.

Prior to the surgery, he had experimented with some casual drug use, but the opioids he had access to after surgery was a whole different level. He, of course, indulged fully. He knew he was an addict, but he didn’t have any reason or want to get clean at that point in life.

However, one particular incident left him wondering if it was time to turn his life around.

In 2011, Zac walked out on his family and hit the streets to score some drugs.

He found his way into a bank and attempted to cash a forged check from his father. The teller, not wanting to cause unnecessary trouble, decided to call Zac’s dad instead of the cops, and they swooped down on him before he could escape the building.

The very next day, he started rehab. Zac attributes his change of heart to some “spiritual, crazy moment of clarity,” in his own words. From that point, he aimed to stay sober. It took him four months of rehab to turn his life around, but he finally managed to do it.

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Using Television as a Medium to Promote Sobriety

Drugs and alcohol abuse are front and center in many television productions, especially when it comes to sobriety and being in love. A literature review done by the University of Columbia notes that several popular culture sources promote drugs and alcohol abuse, specifically to kids. Aside from children, our society has become entrenched in the idea of drinking and drugs as part of having a good time.

From music to literature and even the lifestyles of the rich and famous, we’re always surrounded by the idea that success equates to being able to afford drugs and alcohol.

Yet despite this, there are positive role models aiming to promote sobriety on TV. Zac Clark is one of those positive role models. After recovering from drugs and alcohol, he realized that he needed to do as much as possible to help others.

Alongside a friend, Zac founded Release Recovery, a program dedicated to helping recovering people reintegrate with society after rehab. Zac believes that he could be a force for good in the world and that the reality TV series gave him a platform to reach out to more people and connect with them.

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Reaching Out to Those Who Need It

You can stop procrastinating on those things that you never had time for. Most of all, focus on your recovery, sobriety and being in love.

This is the absolute most important thing you can do for yourself.

You can make a list of all of the benefits of being sober.

I don’t know about you but waking up hungover was never a pleasant experience.

If you are trying to start your year off right, waking up early and sober is a much better way to go.

Have a plan, either way, going into the future.

If you are alone, maybe you will have a marathon of your favorite movies and books lined up that you and your significant other can do together as part of a pact for sobriety and being in love.

But if that isn’t your thing you can find a lot of free material online.

Perhaps you can cook some of your favorite meals and share them with friends or family virtually if that is an option.

Remember that if things get tough to check in with your support system or a professional.

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