Why Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab Can Be the Best Program for You

Are you looking for an intensive outpatient program, or IOP, for alcoholism.

An evening IOP alcohol rehab could be the best program for you.

First you need a treatment plan that will help you discover why you abuse alcohol so that you can get clean and sober.

Secondly, you need a flexible evening IOP alcohol rehab because you have a career and family members that need your care.

Immediate Placement in Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab

Evening IOP for Alcoholism Treatment

An evening IOP for alcoholism treatment can be the most sensible route for you to follow.

Now we will take an up-close look at a handful of the questions we get from those who seek assistance from Emerald Isle Health and Recovery.

You might find that you have any questions as you read. Or, you could decide you are ready to reach out to our team of hard-working treatment professionals to help.

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What is an Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab?

Perhaps you have heard a little bit about IOP therapy, but you are unclear about how they work. This query requires a two-part answer.

So let’s review the definition of an IOP program and learn about the goals of an IOP for alcoholism.

Definition of an Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) focuses on treating mental health disorders such as chronic or bipolar depression and alcoholism in a structured setting but on an outpatient basis.

Those seeking the help of an evening IOP program are capable of being responsible for their actions.

Thus, participants involved in this program do not require a treatment professional monitoring their progress around the clock.

According to a statement issued by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), well-executed IOP treatment plans “can be comparable to residential programs in services and effectiveness.”

The Purpose of an Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab

The purpose of an IOP program is to provide each individual with the counseling, support, and therapies they need to get well again.

In the case of an IOP program for alcoholism, the purpose is to help you identify the cause of your dependency on alcohol, help you reshape your behaviors to overcome the addiction, and learn how to avoid relapse.

Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab - A therapist takes notes as an evening IOP alcohol rehab group talks about their triggers.

Who Should Enroll in an Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab?

Evening IOP for alcohol rehab offers an ideal solution for people who need to receive treatment for their alcohol abuse disorder.

However, they lead busy lives that include careers, children, or caring for aging parents. In short, they cannot enter into an in-patient or daytime IOP program, as it would cause considerable disruption to their lives.

The candidate for this rehab program will have completed detox and recognized they need more support and counseling.

However, they are willing to do the hard work of counseling and abstaining from alcohol without being supervised 24/7.

What are the Benefits of an IOP Program?

An evening IOP alcohol rehab provides a safe, therapeutic environment and many additional benefits for you as you get healthy.

But the primary reason that most people choose this treatment is that it makes for a good fit with their daily routine.

Here are three primary reasons you might wish to enroll in an evening IOP alcohol rehab program:

IOP Treatment is More Affordable for Your Family

If you have young children at home, you know the challenges of skyrocketing childcare costs.

Many participants in an evening IOP alcohol rehab care for their young families during the daytime hours. In the evening, they have a partner or parents who can look after the children.

This approach allows you to take care of the children without disrupting their routine during the daytime.

And in the evening, you will know they are well-cared-for by your family or partner as you focus on your recovery from alcohol addiction.

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You Can Keep Your Day Job with an Evening IOP for Alcohol Rehab

Some people choose an evening IOP program because they work at demanding or competitive jobs. This schedule makes perfect sense.

After all, you need your company-sponsored healthcare insurance to help cover the costs of your recovery. Furthermore, you worked hard to establish your career.

You realize that your addiction to alcohol could topple all you have worked for, so you are ready for a change.

Enrolling in evening IOP for alcohol rehab enables you to work at continuing to build your career during the daytime hours while focusing your energies on recovery each evening.

IOP Therapy Doesn’t Disrupt Your Studies

Some who decide to pursue IOP therapy to treat their alcohol abuse disorder are students.

You know you need to put in hard work right now to set yourself up for life-long success. Besides that, you realize that getting clean and sober will be another significant way to become successful in life.

This convenient schedule means that students can attend classes during the day and receive the counseling and support that they need to break their addiction during the evening hours.

What Do You Learn in IOP for Alcoholism?

During intensive outpatient care, you will learn the skills you need to lead a life free of the bonds of alcohol.

Here are some of the life skills you will learn in IOP for alcoholism:

  • How to manage your medications wisely
  • Living with your family, free of substances
  • How to communicate positively with others in your life
  • Managing the stress or balancing your family life, school, or job pressures without alcohol or drugs
  • Preventing relapse

What Treatments are Included with Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab Services?

At Emerald Isle Health and Recovery, we believe in offering evidence-based therapies in a supportive, caring environment.

This philosophy means that we deliver therapeutic interventions that are based on science and proven to work as we guide you in the challenging process of recovering from alcohol addiction.

Three of the most significant treatments you will receive include the following:

Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab - During his evening IOP alcohol rehab a man who just finished working for the day talks with his therapist one on one before he goes to his group therapy meeting.

Individual Therapy

You will wok with a licensed psychotherapist in a one-on-one, confidential, supportive setting.

You will explore your emotions and learn what feelings trigger your desire to drink alcohol. This discovery empowers you to make healthier decisions.

Family Therapy

Alcohol abuse damages family ties. Through family therapy, you will learn to have open, productive discussions with your family members about your alcohol addiction.

A family therapist leads this discussion. This setting allows you—and your family members—to clear the air so that you can reinforce those family bonds.

Group Therapy

Group therapy, led by a licensed psychotherapist, is the place where you and others who struggle with addiction can share stories about their addiction in a safe, supportive environment.

Your group will be others who face the same struggles as you do; you will learn coping strategies for life and avoiding alcohol.

You might also likely receive other therapies, including relapse prevention, yoga, or additional proven strategies, depending on your specific needs.

How Much Does an Evening IOP Alcohol Rehab Cost?

IOP program costs will vary, depending on the specific needs of any individual.

For example, some only need IOP therapy for 12 weeks, while others might extend treatment for several months.

We do accept insurance and self-pay clients in our evening IOP alcohol rehab program.

Free Insurance Verification for Drug Rehab

Does Insurance Cover IOP Treatment?

Yes, most insurance plans cover IOP treatment.

Under the guidelines set forth by the Affordable Care Act, mental health services, including alcohol use disorder, are covered therapeutic services.

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery will help you work with your insurer on pre-determining coverage, so feel free to call our treatment professionals at 855-613-0620 for help.

Also, we accept self-pay clients.

If you are ready to start a new life by enrolling in our IOP therapy, there is no moment like the present! Call us at 855-613-0620 we are always at your service.