Why Would You Choose Evening IOP Drug Rehab?

You know that you are ready to face the long process of ending your abusive relationship with drugs.

Now, you are scouring the internet searching for intensive outpatient program options that will mesh with your busy lifestyle.

If you are a career-driven person, a parent of younger children, or a student, then an evening IOP drug rehab center offers a wonderful solution for you.

Immediate Placement in IOP Drug Rehab


Evening IOP Drug Rehab for the Busiest Lifestyles

Evening IOP drug rehab serves as a beacon of hope for those with the busiest lifestyles.

From those who care for elderly relatives to people with demanding careers to students, IOP therapy will bridge the gap between your drug addiction and the treatment you need.

In this post, the treatment professionals at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery will share their list of most frequently asked questions.

Before you read on, please know that you can call us at 855-613-0620 if any questions come to mind as you learn about our IOP for drugs.

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Definition of Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides participants with structured, evidence-based treatment for a variety of mental health and substance abuse disorders.

This treatment is provided on an outpatient basis which means you live at your own home during treatment.

It can be a transition from residential 24 hour a day treatment or for those less severely addicted it can be the right level to start after detox.

Additionally, our treatment professionals treat you with respect, compassion, and kindness along every step of your journey to a drug-free existence.


What is Intensive Outpatient Care for Drugs?

Now we will narrow down that definition, specifically to IOP services for drugs.

It does not matter if you are addicted to prescription drugs, street drugs, or both. You now identify the need for help to overcome addiction.

Besides, you know you cannot beat it alone—you need professional guidance.

However, you have a hectic personal life. Perhaps you juggle children, a job, school, or caring for sick family members.

Because of this situation, you cannot attend an inpatient rehab program.

So that is why an evening IOP drug rehab will benefit you.

Evening IOP Drug Rehab - A group meets at sunset to talk about their addiction to drugs during their evening IOP drug Rehab.


Purpose of an IOP Program

Our job is to provide you with a safe, structured environment. Here, you find a place where you can work with treatment professionals.

We will give you the tools you need to beat your drug addiction—and teach you how to use each of those tools.

We equip you with the skills you need to become and remain clean and sober.


What do You Learn in Evening IOP Drug Rehab?

Once you start attending evening IOP drug rehab sessions, you will embark on a journey of self discovery.

Some of the things that you will learn include the following:

  • Why you started using drugs.
  • What situations trigger your drug use.
  • Your emotional and mental state when you used drugs.
  • How to replace drugs with healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Strategies to help avoid relapse.


Who Should Enroll in an Evening IOP Drug Rehab Program?

Those who enroll in an IOP program recognize that they need help.

Many already completed detox and are trying to become more accountable for their behaviors. However, they require ongoing support, so they do not relapse.

Your everyday life is such that you cannot attend daylong counseling or inpatient care.

Here are a few examples of some prime candidates for an evening IOP drug rehab program:

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If you are a student who needs help to overcome a drug addiction, you might feel very alone or even ashamed.

While these feelings are normal, know that you are not alone in this problem. Indeed, drug addiction is widespread among students.

We treat college students who become dependent on amphetamines to help them focus on studies and enhance their performance.

An evening IOP drug rehab program will enable you to continue to attend school by day and IOP services after classes end each day.

This balance affords you the chance to continue your studies and get clean and sober.



Do you have a drug addiction, but you work at a job with limited flexibility?

Because you rely on your paycheck to feed your kids and provide for your family’s medical insurance, you have continued to struggle alone.
We have worked with people who work in many industries.

We know business executives who abuse prescription drugs to help them mellow out after a stressful day.

Also, we have worked with factory workers who abuse methamphetamines to help them work faster and earn highly-sought-after production bonuses.

You deserve more than a life of work and addiction. Emerald Isle Health and Recovery’s evening IOP drug rehab will help you learn to balance work and life without quitting your day job.



Are you the primary caregiver of your young children? Or, do you provide in-home care for aging parents or a sick loved one?

If so, you might feel your hands are tied because you are unable to check into inpatient rehab to get the help you need.

This story is one we often hear at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery.

The sheer weight of responsibility of caring for others places a massive strain on those who struggle with sobriety.

Even if you already got clean, you need support to stay that way.

Receiving support from an evening IP drug rehab program means that you can be available to take care of your children or loved ones during the waking hours.

This flexibility allows you to be the daily caregiver while enabling us to teach you how to care for yourself.

Evening IOP Drug Rehab - A therapist takes notes during a one on one session with a college student who is slightly out of focus as she faces the doctor. Her drug addiction led her to the evening IOP drug rehab program so she can still take classes during the day and get treatment at night.


What are the Benefits of an Evening IOP for Drug Rehab?

The benefits of attending an IOP program are many. Here are a few of the primary reasons that people choose IP treatment:

  • Evening Schedule: The evenings-only treatment option allows people to perform their daily routines but receives treatment at a more convenient time.


  • Privacy: You might feel embarrassed that your drug or alcohol addiction took over your life. Attending evening IOP services means that your co-workers or classmates do not notice that you need to leave for appointments or counseling sessions during the day. You can receive the help you need, and they will be none the wiser.


  • Efficacy: A well-structured IOP rehab center gives you the evidence-based and compassionate support that you need. As a result, you will reap the benefit of recovery by putting in all the hard work required of you.


Does Insurance Cover IOP Treatment?

Yes, insurance covers IOP treatment. The expansion of covered mental health services increased as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Navigating insurance coverage can be tricky, and we do not want you to face the task alone.

We offer an insurance verification service to help you determine your level of coverage. Please call 844-396-8090, and we will guide you in this matter.

Free Insurance Verification for IOP Drug Rehab


How Much do IOP Programs Cost

IOP program costs are relatively challenging to determine until we discuss your specific needs. Each person struggles with drug addiction uniquely.

Therefore, we customize your treatment plan according to your needs—which varies from other people who receive IOP services.

Some of the factors that impact your costs include the following:

  • Your insurance plan coverage
  • The length of time you will attend your program
  • What types of IOP services will be appropriate for you
  • Please also note that we offer self-pay to clients

We know that the IOP program cost is a concern for many, and we are happy to chat with you.

Call us at 855-613-0620 to speak with one of our treatment professionals.

We look forward to talking with you about how Emerald Isle Health and Recovery can help you make a fresh start.