What Does Methadone Do?

Methadone has several potential uses but, unfortunately, it can also be addictive and require a methadone rehab to recover.

Most commonly, it is offered by certified addiction treatment centers as a safer substitute for several more addictive and dangerous drugs.

This synthetic opiate is often chosen as a treatment method for individuals who are addicted to morphine or heroin.

It can be dual-use for those struggling with heroin addiction; it serves both as a substitute and as an aid to decrease the particularly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin.

Methadone may also be used to treat other substance addictions, including drugs like fentanyl, hydrocodone, and oxycodone.

Immediate Placement in Methadone Rehab

Methadone Addiction

In addition to replacing more dangerous drugs in addiction care settings, it is often used to prevent opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone can also be used to relieve moderate to severe pain.

It is typically only given to patients who need pain medication around-the-clock or for a long time and cannot be treated with other medications.

It works by altering the brain and nervous system’s responses to the pain.

While it can be useful in appropriate and monitored settings, methadone presents its own risks.  For one, methadone can be addictive.

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Methadone Rehab

Methadone can be helpful during medical detoxes and treatments for opioid drug addictions.

When it is used in a monitored and controlled setting, the potential for addiction is decreased.

But, this does not eliminate the concern that physical dependence may develop.

So, what happens when you become addicted to methadone?

Your body becomes adapted to the substance, and then your addiction treatment provider will create an individualized schedule to wean you off of the drug. This way, your withdrawal symptoms will be minimal and more controllable.

Methadone has potential medical uses, but it is still an opioid.

The only safe way to use methadone cautiously is through professional guidance, rather than in illicit settings.

Methadone becomes more dangerous when it is used to self-treat and obtained illegally on the street or through traded prescriptions.

At Emerald Isle, our methadone rehab is run by compassionate and experienced professionals who provide a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to recovery. This approach is one that opens the door to long-term, sustainable recovery if you are willing to put in the work and commit to your sobriety.

We offer comprehensive care in both our Sun City and Surprise, Arizona, locations.

Forms of Methadone

As a detox and maintenance method, methadone reduces cravings, withdrawal symptoms, physical pain, and the risk of relapse.

To achieve these effects, most methadone rehabs will administer the substance in liquid or tablet form.

When taken as instructed, methadone has the potential to be highly beneficial. But, the potential for abuse is real, and methadone addiction can be hard to avoid for anyone. This risk is increased when methadone is taken in other forms, like an oral concentrate, powder, oral solution, or injection.

When you chew, crush, or snort methadone, the risk of an overdose or fatality is increased.

Methadone should only be used in monitored settings through prescriptions from experienced rehab facilitators and physicians.

In addiction care centers, one dose of 20 to 30 milligrams is often given to ease withdrawals. If you have a lower or higher tolerance, your dose may be adjusted. Other individual factors, like your body’s response, the severity of your symptoms, and weight may also alter the dosage.

Methadone Rehab Emerald Isle -Woman struggling with opioid withdrawal symptoms

Methadone Overdoses

Methadone-related overdoses have steadily been decreasing in the United States. This may be due, in part, to the effective monitoring of its use.

Methadone maintenance has proven to reduce illicit heroin use, decrease the risk of infectious diseases contracted through shared needles, reduce criminal activity, improve social outcomes, and reduce mortality.

To achieve these effects, methadone use must be monitored and medically administered.

Illicit use of methadone does not often elicit the same results.

The use of methadone for addiction maintenance or the recovery from methadone addiction should occur in an accredited facility. In our Sun City and Surprise locations, we can provide support for either condition.

Side Effects of Methadone Abuse

Another reason that methadone use is only recommended in approved settings is that home or illicit use has the potential for unpleasant side effects.

Although an overdose is possible, some side effects are more common.

When you abuse or take the wrong amount of methadone, the following are some of the most common side effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Feelings of edginess or rapid changes in mood
  • Slowed breathing
  • Itchiness
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Vision problems

Methadone is easy to misuse when you attempt to self-medicate.

When it comes to opiates and other drugs, it is best not to take your treatment into your own hands.

Let us guide you on your path as you heal, recover, and find strength and confidence in sobriety. Whether you need help getting over a methadone addiction or you need methadone to overcome a more troubling one, we can help.

Our Sun City and Surprise methadone rehabs offer patient-focused and versatile addiction care.

Learn More About our Methadone Rehab Services

Inpatient Methadone Rehab

For troubling addictions, dual diagnoses, and complicated withdrawal symptoms, inpatient care is often recommended.

This method offers 24-hour care, various comprehensive treatment options, and consistent, high-quality support. This support includes medical, emotional, and physical aspects.

Living within our safe and comfortable facility lends structure and focus to your recovery as well. Here, you will be far from distractions and temptations. You will enjoy healthy meals, support groups, a balanced schedule, and holistic and creative remedies.

But, we understand that this option is not the best for everyone.

Outpatient Methadone Rehab

If you have work, school, or family obligations keeping you at home, outpatient care gives you the chance to get addiction care while still handling your day-to-day responsibilities.

Your program will be built based on your needs. Your schedule will include things like individual and family therapy sessions, support groups, and more. After the session or meeting is over, you will be able to return home.

This addiction care method is less disruptive to your daily schedule, but it is important to note that outpatient programs do not offer the same level of support as inpatient care. For this reason, it is not ideal for people who have no support system at home or are worried about cravings or withdrawal symptoms leading to a relapse.

Methadone Rehab Emerald Isle - Group therapy session for methadone addiction and abuse

Other Methadone Rehab Options

When you call our addiction care specialists, we will begin working with you to build a care plan that is based on your needs.

You may have other options outside of traditional inpatient and outpatient care.

Partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs are two middle-ground options that provide both support and flexibility. They are generally recommended as a sort of step down or transition after an inpatient program, but that is not the case for everyone. Some people may start with one of these programs instead.

Call us today to begin creating your customized care plan. We will also help you choose between our Sun City and Surprise facilities.

Paying for Methadone Rehab

Many substance abuse treatment programs, including methadone rehab, are covered by health insurance.

At both our Sun City and Surprise Emerald Isle locations, we accept most major providers.

If you have questions about your coverage, our addiction specialists can perform a free insurance verification for you.

Call today to get started.

They can also provide alternative options and answer any questions you may have. It is time to get the care that you need and deserve.

Free Insurance Verification for Methadone Rehab

Emerald Isle Methadone Rehab

At Emerald Isle, our innovative, science-backed approach and comprehensive care methods are effective at addressing a variety of addictions.

We can also help you address any underlying mental health disorders and other complications.

Our addiction care is well-rounded and personalized to give you the best experience we can.

We aim to help you improve your life and the lives of those who love you. In recovery, there is hope.

Come find it with us in Sun City or Surprise.