Finding a Partial Hospitalization Program to Support Your Mental Health Goals

Those who spent time recovering in a residential treatment center face a crossroads when it is time to leave the comfortable and therapeutic environment of the program.

You have choices that range from going into outpatient counseling to extending your time in the inpatient center.

But for many, the most logical next step falls in the middle—in a partial hospitalization program.

Immediate Placement in Partial Hospitalization Program

As you finish the residential portion of your therapeutic plan, the thought of leaving the relative safety of treatment can feel daunting or overwhelming.

Enter the concept of a partial hospitalization program.

In this setting, you will find that partial hospitalization supports your ongoing commitment to a healthier and new you.

Partial hospitalization mental health programs provide you a predictable and safe routine that comforts you. Think of it as a safety net.

You attend a highly structured, therapeutic environment every day and return home at night.

You have help along every step of the way as you reintegrate into your daily everyday routine.


What is Partial Hospitalization

Before we dive even deeper into the benefits of this treatment option and who can benefit from it, let us take a quick look into the partial hospitalization program definition.

Partial hospitalization is a transitional program that supports clients as they move from inpatient residential care back into their daily lives.

Taking this step aids in furthering the client’s coping skills and, therefore, helps to prevent backslides, relapses, or other setbacks that can otherwise occur.

This level of support is provided by a clinical team made up of doctors, nurses, and counselors during the day.

The setting is still structured, but clients become more active participants in shaping the course of their lives as they prepare to rejoin their families.

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What is Partial Hospitalization Like

At Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, we treat our partial hospitalization mental health program as a step that is necessary on the journey for many of our patients.

Some patients do fine by leaving the residential treatment center and heading straight into an outpatient treatment care center.

However, others thrive in a more structured setting and benefit significantly by transitioning into partial hospitalization programs.

In this treatment option, you spend the daytime following a fairly set routine.

Some of the activities you might find in a partial hospitalization mental health center might include a few of the following components in your daily routine.

Partial Hospitalization Program for Mental Health - A woman speaks to her therapist at the partial hospitalization program about he Bi-Polar disorder. She has made a lot of progress and has been able to move into this more relaxed level of treatment.


Partial Hospitalization Program Components

  • Family counseling – You learn to live in harmony with your family members. They learn the skills they need to better support your ongoing commitment to mental health.
  • Group counseling – Here, you will meet with other people in the mental or behavioral health partial hospitalization program. You will feel like you are not alone by forming a network of supportive people.
  • Individual counseling – You will meet with a counselor to help you craft a plan for re-entry into real-life situations. You will gain further insights into your mental health plan and become proactive in your recovery and shaping your behaviors.
  • Medication treatment – Clinical staff will help you learn to manage the medications you need to sustain good mental health in a healthful, safe manner.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment – If you have a co-occurring disorder, such as an addiction or eating disorder, you will continue to receive treatment for it during your partial hospitalization program.
  • Physical fitness activities – Good mental health and physical fitness work together to keep you feeling your best. You will enjoy activities that get you up and moving like hiking, yoga, or other physical activities. A fit body makes for a fit mind!

These are only a few of the techniques hat partial hospitalization mental health programs encompass.

When you choose Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, your doctor will custom craft an evidence-based, effective care plan based on your specific needs.


Who Attends a Partial Hospitalization Program

Every PHP center has specific standards and guidelines for partial hospitalization programs.

Behavioral health partial hospitalization programs implement these measures to ensure that the clients who enter their centers are ready to put in the hard work that is needed in this phase of achieving wellness.

Clients in this program all share a common thread—a mental health diagnosis. In some cases, they have behavioral health or mental health issues alone.

The people who tend to thrive in PHP tend to be those who share the following milestones:

  • They have completed a residential inpatient treatment program successfully
  • The client expresses a need for more support or feels concerned about going to outpatient care
  • Actively participates in and participates in group and individual therapy
  • Exhibits the ability to make good behavioral decisions
  • Have safe housing
  • Have a supportive family or a positive peer support network
  • Participates in dual diagnosis treatment or recovery groups, if needed
Partial Hospitalization Program for Mental Health - A therapist who has her back to the camera listens as a young woman describes the way she feels when her anxiety kicks in at her partial hospitalization program therapy session.


Should I Attend a Partial Hospitalization Mental Health Program Near Me

Many patients ask themselves this question.

Should I look for partial hospitalization programs near me? Or would I benefit from attending treatment “away?”

We see a blend of clients from both the local area and from around the country. The truth, for many, is that family obligation can hinder progress.

Well-intending family members can make patients feel bad about themselves or apply pressure unnecessarily. If you suspect that this will be the case in your family, opting for treatment away from your hometown is a tactful way to escape from those unintended guilt trips.

Conversely, other clients take comfort in knowing that their family is nearby and love the opportunity to go home each evening and share their success stories.

Every family is unique, so there is no right or wrong answer. The determining factor is your family’s dynamic.

Your wellness is our priority—and it should be yours, too!

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Is a Behavioral Health PHP Right for You

At Emerald Isle Health and Recovery, we have helped thousands of people with mental health challenges learn how to manage their symptoms.

From learning how to identify the triggers to crafting actionable coping strategies, we want you to lead the best life possible.

If you think that a partial hospitalization program like the one we described is right for your needs, then you have found the right place.

We would love to hear from you so that we can learn more about your specific diagnosis. Reach out to us online, or you may call us at 855-613-0620.

We are standing by and ready to help you press the reset button on your life.