Family Therapy and Mental Health

In mental health recovery, support from family and loved ones is incredibly important.

But family looks different for everyone.

Some struggling with mental health concerns or disorders might speak with their family members every day.

They may find the support they need without having to ask for it.

For others, differences with family members may lead to strained or damaged relationships.

Mental health is complicated.

Not everyone understands its complexities when they are not the primary one suffering. Family therapy can help.

Therapeutic techniques can be used to mend fences and gain understanding.

They can also ensure support is given when it is needed most.

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Why Family Support is Important

Only 44% of adults with diagnosable mental health problems get the treatment they need.

For children, the number drops down to 20%. Loved ones, both family and friends, can be tremendously influential.

Family members can encourage the individual suffering from a mental health problem simply by letting them know that they are here to help.

When someone with a mental health disorder knows that they are not alone, they may feel more empowered to seek treatment.

They gain confidence in knowing that they are not being judged by the people that they care about.

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Having Family Support in Recovery is Critical

Having support in any kind of recovery is critical.

That is why family therapy is so common in mental health treatment. In a comfortable environment with trained, dedicated professionals, it is easier to address your mental health concerns.

You will learn about the factors that have contributed to your mental health status. You will learn about what you can do to address them.

Despite the stigma that many mental health patients fear they will face, mental health is not a weakness. We do not choose to develop mental health disorders and we cannot push them out of our minds with sheer willpower.

Family therapy with Emerald Isle can help you overcome perceived stigmas. It can help you connect in a safe way, understand, and recover.

With convenient locations in Sun City and Surprise, Arizona, we are available to help you and your family. At Emerald Isle, we struggle together, we heal together, and we succeed together.

Our integrated and evidence-based approach focuses on the well being of each individual we encounter. Our family therapy mental health treatments are used apart from our addiction recovery services.

Family Therapy Mental Health - A woman holds her hands up to her head as she speaks with her mental health counselor. They have decided that family therapy will be a good option for her and her family for treatment.

Understanding Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders and conditions may develop over many years.

They are not attributed to personality weaknesses or character flaws. In recent years, this country has come a long way in how mental health is addressed.

We understand more about mental health than we ever have before. And even better, we understand what needs to happen for a full recovery to be achieved.

Many mental health patients wonder, “why me?” The answer is often a complicated one. Brain chemistry and biological factors are frequent contributors to mental health disorders.

Trauma and physical or mental abuse are also common links. Mental health problems can also run through family histories.

This is another reason that family therapy is important.

How Family Therapy Works

Family therapy mental health treatment aims to improve lives and relationships. Mental illness often does not affect the individual alone.

Often, whole families are affected. And in many cases, other family members have suffered or are currently suffering, too. Family therapy offers insight, clarity, resolution, and peace.

The problems and pain will not be eliminated as soon as treatment begins. But it will help you get there if you stick with it. Family therapy strengthens some of life’s most important bonds.

When you choose family therapy in one of our Sun City or Surprise, Arizona locations, it will benefit each family member. After all, our families are often our first and strongest support systems.

It may take some work to get there if there has been some turmoil. It is important to remain open and patient. Mental health recovery works best when the family can heal as a whole, rather than as individual parts.

However, individual therapy may be beneficial to each person, too.
Family support for patients with mental health concerns is important for many reasons.

You will discuss them in your family therapy sessions. Our team will help you build the conversational, management, and life skills you need to succeed.

We will address any disconnects between you and those you love. We will help you mend and build stronger relationships. You will find strength and encouragement when and where you need it.

And we will do all of this in a supervised, comprehensive care facility. In both Surprise and Sun City, Arizona, healing happens every day.

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Emerald Isle Family Therapy for Mental Health

If you remain open, honest, and patient, family therapy in mental health treatment can be invaluable. You will have approximately 50 minutes per week in treatment to address any potential issues and begin to heal.

The following are some tips for making the most of your family therapy mental health sessions:

  • Write down your questions before the session
  • Write down the issues you’d like to talk about (also before the session)
  • Respectfully, calmly, and firmly speak during the session
  • Avoid the urge to argue during the session
  • Listen carefully when others are speaking

Following these guidelines can help make the process smoother. It can feel like certain conflicts are impossible to resolve. This is often not the case.

Family Therapy to Help Accomplish Goals

Listening and remaining respectful even when it is difficult is key. You can strengthen your bonds, overcome painful memories, and move on together.

Our facilities in both Sun City and Surprise, Arizona make it easier to accomplish these goals. This is a safe place to work through negative feelings, behaviors, and experiences so that you can all move forward.

In time, family therapy will teach you:

  • Healthy coping mechanisms
  • How to overcome negative emotions like anger or sadness
  • How to understand the situation and make peace with it
  • How to heal with the people you love the most
  • How to effectively communicate
  • How to remain positive and truly listen

During your sessions, you will discuss the events and behaviors that have pained you. You will listen to others share their stories, too.

It is important to be respectful and listen even if you disagree with them. After your sessions, your therapist may ask you to complete certain tasks at home.

These tasks are often referred to as homework. It may be as simple as saying one nice thing to another family member each day. It may be eating dinner together, playing a game, or going on a fun outing.

These activities will help you practice your new, healthy behaviors together. It may be difficult at first, but it will get easier with practice.

Family Therapy Mental Health - Several family members console a young man as he talks about his depression. Family therapy helps all members of the family understand and support the treatment their loved one is going through.

Paying for Family Therapy

We accept most other major insurance providers. Call today to speak with an addiction specialist. They can verify your insurance for you.

This process is quick, easy, and free. For patients without insurance coverage, we are happy to discuss alternative payment options.

Costs should not prevent you from getting the mental health care that you need.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Mental Health Treatment

Family therapy in mental health treatment often comes after a few other recovery milestones have been met.

After all, an individual in treatment for mental health conditions has a lot to handle. This is especially true in the beginning.

Taking it one step at a time always helps. When you feel comfortable with the progress you have made in individual therapy and other treatments, you’ll feel better equipped to handle family therapy.

We want you to feel strong, confident, and stable in your recovery.

And we will be with you every step of the way.

Whether you choose the Emerald Isle experts in Sun City or Surprise, Arizona, we are all here to help.