Drug Detox Facilities Near Me

Drug detox facilities exist to help patients struggling with substance use issues begin the process of detoxification and treatment.

Detoxification is one of the earliest steps in recovery; to begin the journey to a substance-free life, patients must wait until all drugs or alcohol are out of their system.

Though detoxification is necessary, it is also unpleasant, often painful, and sometimes even dangerous.

Medically-supervised drug detox facilities, like the trusted partners we use for drug and alcohol detox, ensure that professionals monitor patients for their safety and comfort while undergoing the detoxification process needed to begin recovery.

At addiction treatment centers, patients often receive detox medications and make plans for further treatment soon after.

Though treatment is essential in therapy and preventative medications, it only begins once the detoxification process is complete.

Detoxification looks different for everyone; patients experience various symptoms, and the process lasts different amounts of time.

Though every case is unique, one thing that remains the same is the importance of care and ensured safety during detox.

This precaution is why medical supervision is often the best decision during detox; it is much better to be safe than sorry.

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Understanding Detox Centers Near Me

To understand the detoxification process entirely, it is essential to learn about when and why detoxification is necessary.

Detoxification occurs after periods of substance use and is extremely common in people with substance use disorders. Substance use disorders develop when a person is dependent upon a substance to function correctly. Substance use disorders are prevalent with drug use. Though different drugs create different situations, symptoms, and side effects, addiction causes massive changes and issues in the patient’s life.

Drug addiction changes a person’s behaviors and even how their brain functions as pathways in the brain change. This change in brain function can make it difficult for one to understand that he or she has a problem that needs to be addressed. It is vital to understand when you are not the same person you used to be and receive the treatment necessary for recovery.

MedlinePlus describes the following as some of the most commonly used substances that lead to substance use disorders in thousands of people each year. They include opiates and other narcotics, stimulants, depressants, LSD, and marijuana. Addiction to each of these substances causes different symptoms, issues, and behaviors, but they all develop similarly.

Use typically begins casually and recreationally until the body and mind become dependent on the substance’s use. Once this happens, a substance use disorder is tough to overcome. Detoxification at detox centers near me rids the body of all toxins caused by substance use over time, allowing treatment to begin.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, or the NCBI, there is an essential distinction between detoxification and treatment. Detoxification is the safe management of acute withdrawal symptoms; its purpose is to ensure patient safety while the patient experiences and finishes withdrawal. Many times, detox is the first form of “treatment” a patient experiences. However, the actual treatment for substance use disorder occurs when patients attend regular therapy sessions aimed at maintaining sobriety and establishing a path to recovery.


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Effects of Substance Use

The effects of substance use disorders reach far and wide into every aspect of a person’s life if the issue progresses. Some people can conceal their problems with substance use very well. For others, substance use takes over every facet of their life. No matter the differences, it is still vital for friends and family to know physical and behavioral signs of substance use in either situation.

MentalHealth.gov lists the following as effects of substance use:

  • Lack of attendance or decreased performance in career or education
  • Frequently getting into trouble
  • Using substances in dangerous situations such as driving
  • Acting secretive or suspicious
  • Experiencing changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • Experiencing unexplained changes in behavior or personality
  • Sudden or unexpected mood swings
  • Periods of unusual happiness, euphoria, or being hyper
  • A lack of motivation

The effects of substance use are not just behavioral.

Although the behavioral effects are incredibly harmful to a person’s relationships, personal life, and work or school life, the possible physical products are sometimes just as tricky.

Some physical effects are short-term and not as substantial, but some cause long-term damage. There is an increased risk of some types of cancer, disease, and sexually transmitted infections. Though these possible physical effects depend on which substance a person uses and how long they have been using it, they each have the capability of hurting a person and, in some cases, causing death.


Medically-Supervised Drug Detox Facilities - Emerald Isle - An individual is sitting with a therapist who specializes in addiction for an initial consultation before entering one of the top-rated drug detox facilities.

Mental Illness and Substance Use

The combination of a diagnosis of mental illness and a substance use disorder is called a dual diagnosis. When patients receive a dual diagnosis, they must receive prompt and effective treatment. Both mental illness and substance use disorders are complicated. These conditions come with their fair share of problematic symptoms and behaviors; when people experience them together, they are sometimes even more challenging.

Patients with dual diagnoses must undergo treatment for both conditions simultaneously. Dual diagnosis often happens because patients suffering from substance use disorders are more likely to develop a mental health issue. This cause is due to be because the two conditions affect similar parts of the brain.

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Treatment at Detox Centers Near Me

At detox centers, patients and physicians work to compile comprehensive treatment and recovery plans unique to each patient.

Treatment plans often include medications. These medications are different from the medicines given to patients after they complete the detoxification process. Detox medications focus on helping the patient through the intense withdrawal symptoms that are often painful and occasionally dangerous.

Our patients complete the detoxification process at separate detox centers, ensuring their safety as they experience the complicated process of withdrawal. This process and the amount of time it takes differ for every patient.

After our patients finish the detoxification process, they move to one of our facilities to begin the treatment process. At our treatment facilities, patients work with physicians to create personalized and unique recovery and treatment plans. Options for treatment include medications to ease compulsions for substance use, therapy, and support groups. The use of each of these depends on the patient, but all are proven as effective treatment forms.

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Payment for Treatment at Detox Centers Near Me

Our company understands that paying for treatment is a complicated and expensive process.

This burden is why, to help with payment, we offer free insurance verification to each of our patients.

We understand that finding a way to pay for treatment often adds more challenge to an already stressful situation.

Our free insurance verification program ensures that the cost of treatment is transparent for our prospective patients.

Though substance use disorders and addiction to drugs are incredibly arduous to overcome, recuperation and a drug-free life are possible for patients.

Recovery is never a guarantee, but treatment is almost always helpful even if patients do not make a full recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use issue, contact us for more information.

A new life and recovery process begins at detox centers where toxicities leave the patient’s body.

After the complicated process of detoxification and treatment, the journey to a drug-free life begins.