Everyday life can be challenging for everyone, but when various mental health conditions affect us, the prospect of going through every day gets even more difficult. It’s normal to find the thought of inpatient mental health facility treatment disturbing, at least at first. However, this treatment program gives patients the care and attention they need to tackle their medical emergency concerns fully.

Close to 20% of American adults are experiencing a mental disorder. Many mental disorders, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), even substance abuse or drug addiction disorders, can worsen with time, especially without a comprehensive treatment plan in place done in a specialized hospital or clinic. When patients are experiencing severe mental disorders, it is vital to check them into an inpatient mental health facility to stabilize them.

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Hospitalization is one of the most intensive forms of psychiatric health treatment a client can receive, and it can be significant for their healing from mental health illnesses.

Keep reading to find out the reasons to consider such care, and why Emerald Isle Health and Recovery presents a top choice for Phoenix residents needing assistance.

When is there a Need for Inpatient Mental Health Facilities

Psychiatric care

This option is recommended when a person is

  • A threat to themselves, suicidal.
  • A threat to others.
  • In need of stabilization due to unstable behavioral health.
  • Experiencing psychosis.
  • Refusing to eat.
  • In need of constant monitoring.

Once stable and safe due to comprehensive psychiatric treatment, the client can develop new coping mechanisms to reduce the probability of future destabilization—inpatient psychiatric health facilities tailor treatment programs for their patients. However, generalized treatment approaches apply to all patients staying at the facility.

Here are the goals of inpatient mental facilities:

  • Determine underlying conditions to prevent a future crisis.
  • Reduce stimulation and stabilize emotions.
  • Determine the most effective medications and therapies.
  • Boost coping skills for stability after hospitalization.

To achieve these goals, inpatient mental health facilities are well-organized. They follow strict schedules with preset wake times, mealtimes, and therapy times. Most preplan activities for the entire week. The main reason for the tough schedule is to create a routine to begin calming the internal chaos and forming new habits.

Common Services Offered at Inpatient Mental Illness Facilities Services

Inpatient mental health facilities in Phoenix treat a range of behavioral health, alcohol and substance use disorders, and mental disorders. Since there are different types, these facilities provide many types of services.

Some common services offered at these facilities include:

Psychiatric care

This refers to the use of medicine to treat psychological disorders. Medication is typically necessary for severe mental disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The medication courses are aimed at stabilizing clients to give them the ability to learn to cope, along with help during individual or group therapies.

Treating behavioral mental health issues

Inpatient mental health facilities offer help with behavioral health disorders like ADHD, eating disorders, or gambling addiction. Behavioral health disorders can contribute to deteriorating psychiatric health issues. These facilities also equip patients with healthy behaviors to attain long-term recovery.

Psychotherapy and individualized treatment planning

Also known as one-on-one counseling, this psychotherapy equips patients with healthy ways of coping and thinking to overcome behavioral health issues.

Group therapy

This is similar to psychotherapy; the only difference is that it involves a group of peers. A medical staff spearheads each session of the therapy. In some sessions, role-play helps encourage patients to improve social skills.

Family therapy

Family therapy

When your loved one has a mental issue, there won’t always be evident symptoms to notice. Additionally, addressing their needs might cause you to become anxious or stressed from taking care of them. Some of these facilities offer group therapy to help communities and families manage the resulting stress, and there are also support groups for family members.

Other personalized care plan services include:

To effectively offer the above, inpatient health facilities enlist the services of professionals such as:

  • Psychiatrists.
  • Psychologists.
  • Mental health nurses.
  • Social workers.
  • Behavioral health specialists.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Inpatient Mental Health Facility

Before choosing an inpatient psychiatric health facility for yourself or a family member, here are factors to consider.

What Are the Patient’s Needs?

Every patient is different, especially regarding psychiatric and actual health, where symptoms are not always easy to detect. You never want your loved one to end up in a facility that treats them just like any other patient. There’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all approach to mental treatment.

Choose a facility with a thorough intake process and well-being treatment options. Full mental screening from specialized doctors is essential to correctly identify the mental disorder and underlying factors before establishing a medication course.

Sometimes mentally ill patients can act violently. Make sure the facility you choose has adequate safety protocol in place.

Do They Have Proper Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Does insurance cover the facility? This treatment can be costly. At Emerald Isle, we accept most major insurance policies and will help work with you to ensure you or your loved one gets the care needed.

More than 11% of adults with a mental illness remain uninsured. If your insurance doesn’t cover health treatment done by specialized therapists, look for NGOs that offer treatment center alternatives or payment support for mental health treatments.

Treatment Options

Even though there are many effective treatments for mental disorders, you still need to ensure you choose the proper treatment for your loved one.

Look for programs where the medical team is experienced in treating anxiety, depression or other mental disorders. Look for professionals ready to openly tell you the exact physical and medical therapies they use, the benefits of the stated treatments, and the available scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of these therapies.


Geographical location shouldn’t be a determinant factor when choosing an inpatient facility. However, there are advantages to choosing an inpatient treatment facility farther from home.

  • Clients with a mental disorder may feel freer to discover themselves and their mental issues when they are farther from their hometown.
  • Being far from home can potentially remove the client from some of their triggers.

Immediate Placement for Mental Health Treatment

Find Stability and a New Way of Life at Emerald Isle

The first step is always acknowledging that you or a loved one may need help. Set up an appointment with our caring staff at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery. Turn the life of your loved ones around by checking them into an inpatient mental health facility to receive the help they need through individualized treatment planning.

If you or your loved one are looking for relief from mental health issues, we encourage you to reach out today for our assessment and assistance. A single phone call can change multiple lives for the better, so please don’t hesitate!