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At Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, we increase access to mental health treatment for all. We do this by constantly innovating and creating new approaches for effective residential care while integrating outpatient services for mental and behavioral health conditions.

Our main goal is to improve the lives of the individuals, families and communities we serve with mental health solutions that are at once evidence-based and holistic. With our comprehensive clinical and treatment programs, we empower our clients to achieve lasting wellness. We’re considered a leader among Arizona’s mental health providers and committed to creating a world where everyone can achieve their full potential. We offer primary mental health services, as well as treatment for drug and alcohol substance use disorders.


We struggle together, we heal together, we succeed together. There’s hope in recovery.

“A truly integrated, evidence based approach to recovery. Our client’s mental well-being comes first over everything.”

Our unique, individualized and evidence-based treatment focuses on a holistic approach to mental and behavioral health care. Our Arizona treatment center offers customized care for each client. If you are in AZ and looking for ‘holistic mental health near me’ or ‘dual diagnosis treatment near me,’ you have come to the right place!

Emerald Isle seeks to meet each and every client’s needs through a comprehensive clinical and medical program. Our staff helps all clients by providing the tools they need to achieve long-term and sustainable mental wellness, by offering an Arizona recovery center that truly cares about their lasting path to health.

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If you’re in the Phoenix area and struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction or another mental health condition, you’re not alone. We encourage you to visit our blog, where we share insights, tips and strategies for maintaining your mental wellness. In each post, you’ll find holistic, evidence-based solutions that can empower you to achieve lasting recovery and information about our Arizona treatment center. If you would like to speak directly to an admissions team member, please call our treatment hotline at 855-613-0620.

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