What is IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin therapy is used to replenish drained enzymes and nutrients in your body. Although addiction IV medicine may seem controversial, it is merely a more immediate way of supplying depleted vitamins and nutrition to your body.

When provided intravenously, the replenished materials can travel directly to your system. Instead of passing through your other bodily systems, the effect is more direct and immediate.

IV vitamin therapy in addiction treatment is a relatively new practice. This is one of many treatment methods we offer in our Sun City and Surprise, Arizona, treatment facilities.

Keep reading to find out more about IV vitamin therapy in general and its role in providing unrivaled addiction treatment services for our clients at Emerald Isle!

Immediate Placement in Drug Rehab with IV Vitamin Therapy

How IV Vitamin Therapy Works

How IV Vitamin Therapy Works

Because this method bypasses your digestive tract, your body can completely absorb all of the nutrients. The IV slowly drips the substance into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach, which would break the medication down. By skipping over the stomach, the substance can travel directly to your brain.

This direct path allows for 100% absorption to make the nutrients available immediately for your body’s cells to use. This can be particularly helpful for those with an alcohol use disorder, as IV therapy for alcohol addiction (alcoholism) can directly provide support and supplement to your liver, gut, and other areas prone to damage from drinking to excess.

IV vitamin therapy is also quite beneficial for clients in addiction care settings because both alcohol and drugs dehydrate the body. Drug use and accompanying activities can cause a lack of hydration, when taken to the level of drug abuse and drug addiction, thoughts of water and maintaining healthy nutrition often fall by the wayside.

This dehydration makes it harder for your cells to create energy from the food you eat. Through IV vitamin therapy, you are obtaining your energy through natural sources instead of a prescription or illicit substance or alcohol.

Some medical professionals have theorized that people who naturally produce less of certain enzymes are more prone to addiction and dual diagnoses. Further research is needed to confirm these findings, and this article will stay updated with the most current research.

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Other Reasons for IV Vitamin Therapy

Substance abuse-related dehydration is not the only cause that leads to IV vitamin therapy.

Several other conditions deplete the body’s natural reserves of certain enzymes and nutrients, leading to an energy drain.

These conditions include physical trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

One trauma study showed that Vitamin E and Vitamin C therapy reduced the patient’s number of days in the intensive care unit, overall hospital days, and mortality.

IV vitamin therapy is becoming more common in other settings as well.

Because it boosts your energy and enhances your mood and awareness, some med-spa-style clinics have begun offering this as a luxury treatment. This all-natural mood-improver has shown a variety of benefits in several different settings.

Although this method is relatively new, particularly in addiction care, its potential is promising.

IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits

IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits

IV vitamin therapy can increase your energy and enhance both your mood and level of awareness.

When used appropriately, it can rehydrate your body before the effects of dehydration lead to physical or mental damage.

It can help improve brain function and aid DNA repair and communication between the systems and cells in your body.

Intravenous therapies can also restore electrolyte imbalances. Restoring balance in your body can improve your mental and physical health, so you can feel stronger and more confident working toward sobriety.

This holistic method helps us address your body’s immediate needs.

Depending on your addiction and needs, there are a variety of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that may be included in your IV vitamin therapy.

Vitamins B and C, calcium, and magnesium are some of the most common.

IV vitamin therapy should be administered by professionals or under their guidance. Otherwise, potential complications like vein swelling, internal tissue issues, allergic reactions, or breathing problems become more likely.

IV Vitamin Therapy and Addiction

In addiction care settings, IV vitamin therapy helps restore balance when you are dehydrated and flushes the drugs out of your system.

It has also been shown to reduce withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings.

These two factors can reduce the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawals, making it easier to recover both mentally and physically.

Another factor to consider is that IV vitamin therapy naturally provides more energy, so you are not left to rely on other potentially addictive substances, such as sugar, or caffeine.

For maximum effectiveness in addiction treatment, IV vitamin therapy should be combined with additional care methods.

We offer many additional addiction care methods at both our Sun City and Surprise, Arizona, treatment centers.

On top of effective treatment methods like various therapies and support groups, we offer a variety of holistic remedies, too. Things like exercise classes and nutritional guidance help promote a healthy lifestyle, increase energy, and boost endorphins. These factors increase the positive and pleasant feelings you experience, which can make you feel less inclined to abuse drugs or alcohol.

What to do After IV Vitamin Therapy

What to do After IV Vitamin Therapy

On average, most people will require one infusion per day for up to ten days.

IV vitamin therapy is an effective part of addiction care, but this method alone is not likely to be enough.

After IV vitamin therapy, it is important to follow through with additional substance abuse treatments.

At both our Sun City and Surprise addiction care centers, we offer a variety of program options. Depending on your addiction, mental health, and other needs, we may invite you to participate in an inpatient, outpatient, or supplemental care program.

Immediate Placement in Drug Rehab with IV Vitamin Therapy

Other Addiction Care Program Options

Inpatient addiction treatment and outpatient care programs are two of the most common, but they are not the only ones.

Other programs may include partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient care. These combine addiction care with flexibility in your free time for a balanced approach to your addiction recovery and overall health.

Whether you choose Sun City or Surprise, we will work with you to determine the best program for your individual addiction and health needs. Everyone is different. We want to ensure that we are choosing what is right for you, not for anyone else.

We won’t recommend a program until we have enough information to build a customized treatment plan for you. Once we do, we will use your program to help you find the strength, energy, and confidence to pursue long-term sobriety.

We offer programs that range from one month to longer than one year. After you complete a program, supplemental programs, alumni programs, and support groups may still be available.

Your initial treatment program will likely include many of the following:

Paying for IV Vitamin Therapy

Paying for IV Vitamin Therapy

You may be wondering, “Does insurance cover IV vitamin therapy?” If it is part of your addiction care program, your IV vitamin therapy may indeed be covered by your insurance provider, with no additional expense.

Additionally, recent laws have changed the ways that patients and all healthcare clients pay for addiction care. More substance abuse treatments are covered than ever before.

Both our Sun City and Surprise Emerald Isle clinics accept most major health insurance policies.

Call our addiction specialists today for fast and free insurance verification.

If you do not have health insurance, please ask about alternative arrangements. We will work with you to get you the care that you need and deserve. You deserve to live a healthy, sober, and whole life.

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Emerald Isle IV Vitamin Therapy

If you have tried and failed to find sobriety before, trying again can be difficult.

IV vitamin therapy in either our Sun City or Surprise facilities may be what was missing from your last attempt to get clean. This method can help you through your detox and withdrawal symptoms, and give you the strength and energy to move forward with.

However, this is not a miracle cure. You will have to put in the work. But, in combination with your dedication and a comprehensive addiction care plan that addresses the root of the problem, it can give you a strong beginning.

If you want to experience a top holistic treatment provider in an unparalleled setting of beauty, look no further than Emerald Isle. Give yourself a chance at a lasting, fulfilling life in recovery, and reach out today!