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Sean HawkinsSean Hawkins
05:02 09 Apr 24
Emerald Isle is a fantastic place for recovery. My highest praises go to Ashley, Daniel, Renee, Britney, Will and Ryder. These staff went above and beyond to make my stay as therapeutic and comfortable as possible. This was my second stay at Emerald Isle and I hope I can rely on them in case another is needed in my future.The only thing bringing this review down a star is how quickly staff react when change is desperately needed. This is in no fault of the CCs. There was incidents of a patient harassing another patient which was not resolved until the patient that was being harassed left against medical advice. Additionally a patient was bending and breaking the rules. Personally halting me from signing a lease to my new apartment by being on her mobile game during case management time. This patient also got up in the middle of group time to make food in the dead middle of the group. This patient was also very disruptive and claimed common areas as her own. I wrote multiple grievances and instead of action being taken the whole house was called to a meeting that she didn’t attend. I completely understand how much the staff’s hands are tied but from my perspective there wasn’t much transparency of any action taken place. Making myself feel like my concerns were falling on deaf ears.I would recommend Emerald Isle to anyone needing a longer term stay. Whether your housing experience is noisy or peaceful, clean or dirty, well worn or brand new is always up to the peers you receive. The staff were very flexible with my discharge and I am very content with my stay. I wish everyone at the house that I stayed at well and would like to thank the staff for everything they have done.
Willy JohnsonWilly Johnson
15:52 07 Apr 24
I recently went through treatment at Emerald Isle. I have to say it was an incredible experience. The staff at the house were a great group of people. Will, Sam, Ashley, Rene, Daniel, Brad and BRad. All helped my journey along. Thank you. Brittany and Kaylee went above and beyond. I left with a confidence I haven't had in decades. Thanks again.
Rebecca HutchisonRebecca Hutchison
22:05 04 Apr 24
Our family's experience with Emerald Isle was awesome....from Skye in Admissions to clinicians Emily, Kayleigh, and Brittany (and others) to Dane in Case Management to the front office staff like Christa (and I'm drawing a blank on the other names) to the back office staff to Daniel in transportation. I know there were others involved too that I'm failing to name right now. We felt that Emerald Isle truly cared about our situation and went above and beyond to help. Thank you! ❤️ I know your work isn't easy. Thank you for doing good work to help others.
Moe ShubairMoe Shubair
20:15 03 Apr 24
I am deeply grateful for the exceptional care and support provided by Emerald Isle during a challenging period when my spouse required treatment for mental health issues. The decision to entrust their care to Emerald Isle proved to be right choice for my spouse.From the outset, the professionalism and competence of the staff were evident. Ms. Skye Smith, the Director of Admissions, alleviated any apprehensions I had during the pre-screening process. Her comprehensive guidance, swift handling of administrative matters, and compassionate demeanor were instrumental in facilitating a smooth transition for my spouse into treatment.Throughout the duration of my spouse's treatment, Mr. Tomas Gonzales, the Director of the facility, demonstrated exemplary dedication and accessibility. His thorough explanations and unwavering availability for addressing inquiries or concerns ensured that I remained well-informed and supported throughout the process.The staff at Emerald Isle exhibited exceptional levels of patience, courtesy, and compassion for my spouse. Their commitment to providing personalized care, maintaining open communication, and accommodating my spouse request was awesome! . Even during challenging moments from my spouse when she was going through a rough patch, they continued to be professional and show empathy. This truly is a supportive environment for treatment.In light of my firsthand experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Emerald Isle as the best behavioral health center in Arizona! The unparalleled quality of care and dedication exhibited by the staff undoubtedly make it the best choice in my opinion for anyone looking for thorough and compassionate treatment for their loved ones.
Will BauerWill Bauer
00:17 27 Feb 24
In my 5 months of working here I have fell in love with what I do and the great staff that does it with me. The learning process was super easy and smooth, especially coming in with no experience, the staff guided me very well. I would highly recommend the program or the job to anyone.
The best place I've ever worked. I will always remember my time here.
Brandon EngelkingBrandon Engelking
19:41 26 Feb 24
One of THE, if not the best place for recovery. The employees that work there are knowledgeable and you can tell actually Give a damn. They are down to earth and really know how to do recovery from a great perspective. IWould recommend to anyone.
William DiazWilliam Diaz
00:44 14 Oct 23
Alexander StuartAlexander Stuart
20:53 14 Aug 23
This place helped me with concerns I had of my well-being and gave me skills to help please start living a productive life.
DeWayne BurnsDeWayne Burns
21:10 31 Jul 23
They allowed me to recover and clear my mental space. They also allowed me to discover my alcoholism. In addition, they treated me well.
Calvin MontgomeryCalvin Montgomery
20:18 20 Jul 23
Emerald Isle is an amazing place to work for. The supervisors we have here are not only a blessing to our clients, but amazing in there supervisor roles. Can’t ask for any better.
Mike SteedMike Steed
20:04 14 Jun 23
The staff as a whole was more than helpful in my recovery and progression of stability in life, I would recommend anyone in search of a new beginning too start their journey here.
Shawn RehderShawn Rehder
21:50 07 Jun 23
Very great iop program, very helpful, kind, considerate staff. Has absolutely changed my outlook of recovery for the best. Couldn't of done it without them
Jonas MadauJonas Madau
22:05 31 May 23
My Experience here AT E.I has been a journey I wasn't expecting. I know that I will have long term Sobriety. The Curriculum here has help me grow.. 💪💯👽🤟
Matthew SmithMatthew Smith
22:24 21 Apr 23
I was referred to Emerald Isle along with The New Solution by my psychiatrist after a long struggle with alcoholism and depression. What a blessing it has been. This program, these places have given me the tools and the space to figure out who I am and who I want to be. You will be surrounded by a bunch of amazing fellas (and a few amazing women at Emerald 🙂 who share your experience, who you can relate to, and who will support you every step of the way. The tight brotherhood will show itself upon walking through the gates. You are welcome here. All you have to do is be willing to let go of old ideas and be open-minded to new ones. You may find out something about yourself that will change your life. Thank you Emerald Isle. Thank you The New Solution. The blessings keep coming.