What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment gives you the best of both worlds in comprehensive addiction treatments.

It gives you both high-level addiction care and the freedom and flexibility you need to achieve other goals.

Whether you have work, school, or family to attend to, this method helps you keep your daily schedule relatively unchanged.

Unlike more intensive methods, it allows you to live at home.

You can tend to other obligations and goals while living at home and enjoying the weekly support, guidance, and care of our dedicated team.


Immediate Placement in Outpatient Treatment


Understanding Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment in Surprise, Arizona is unique in many ways.

The biggest difference between inpatient and outpatient care is the amount of flexibility you are afforded.

With a carefully established weekly schedule, meetings, counseling, and support groups, outpatient programs offer an effective solution for many people.


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Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

As we have mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of attending outpatient treatment in Surprise, Arizona is the added flexibility. The peaceful surroundings, convenient schedule and location, and opportunity for continued care all contribute to your recovery process.

Additional benefits include decreased costs, the support of your friends and family at home, and minimal time requirements or constraints. For people with strong support systems, milder addictions, and no underlying mental health disorders, outpatient treatment is an ideal and convenient treatment method.  

How Long Does Outpatient Treatment Last?

Not everyone starts with outpatient addiction treatment. Many patients will enter a program like this one after completing a more intensive program. If you have a moderate to severe addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings, you may need to start with medical detox.

This allows us to monitor your progress in the comfort and safety of our facility. It allows us to ease your withdrawal symptoms and cravings, making it easier for you to find the strength and confidence you need to succeed.

When this is a requirement, inpatient care is typically the next step. When your inpatient program comes to an end, outpatient care acts as a natural steppingstone between 24-hour care and 24-hour freedom. We will work with you to develop the appropriate care plan to meet your unique needs and circumstances. No two patients or paths are the same.


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Traditional Outpatient vs. Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Depending on your addiction, schedule, and needs, we will help you choose the right outpatient setting. Traditional Outpatient treatment in Surprise, Arizona requires a time commitment of fewer than 10 hours per week. Intensive outpatient programs require a commitment of up to 20 hours per week.

Whether you are looking for help with a drug or alcohol addiction, spending the right amount of time in treatment is crucial. Experts recommend a minimum of three months of addiction treatment. Staying in treatment for the right amount of time is the best way to end the cycle of addiction.

During your time with us, you will have access to various therapy sessions, support groups, and training in managing your addiction, stress, and other challenging areas. Therapy sessions include individual visits, family, or group sessions, and more.

Support groups, recovery programs, and aftercare treatment methods will offer continued support. You will receive support, guidance, and holistic care for as long as you need it to find long-term recovery. We will help you choose the right program and determine the amount of time here that will benefit you the most.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Drugs

Our addiction treatment can help you work through a variety of drug addictions. One of the most common and troubling is heroin. Most people who are addicted to heroin did not start with heroin. Prescription opioid addiction often transitions into heroin abuse and addiction.

When experts began studying this link, they found that nearly 80% of surveyed heroin users used prescription opioids first. We can help you end your addiction where it is rather than waiting for it to get worse. Among others, we can help with opiate, alcohol, benzodiazepine, and polysubstance addictions.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Alcohol

Alcohol is the most frequently abused substance and is often the reason for seeking addiction care in any setting. This is a normalized substance that leads to a chronic disease that tends to run in families. Alcoholism is genetic.

Being exposed at an early age or seeing a parent or other close relative abuse alcohol may make it even harder to avoid. Alcoholism leads to a wide variety of negative mental and physical health conditions. It also has social, emotional, and financial impacts. It leads to thousands of arrests, accidents, and fatalities each year.

Facing your addiction is always preferable to facing the potential outcomes that are linked with long-term alcohol abuse. Overcome self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. Come build healthy habits, coping mechanisms, and support systems that you can rely on instead.

What Happens After Outpatient Treatment? 

Throughout your outpatient or intensive outpatient program, we will work to monitor your progress so that we can help you decide what should come next. Some people will transition into managing their addiction full-time at home, while others will choose another option.

Based on your needs and progress, we will help you determine which way to go next. The addiction care, support, and guidance we offer do not have to end when your traditional program does. We offer aftercare services to give you continued support until you are ready to manage your sobriety on your own.


Payment Options

Do you want treatment but are worried about how you can pay for it?

We have a team of financial professionals who provide free insurance verification.

We will work with you to determine how to move forward with the treatment in a way that works for you and your financial situation.


Free Insurance Verification for Outpatient Treatment

How to Get Help

Our outpatient treatment is designed to give you what you need in this stage of your recovery.

We will make sure that you have everything you need to overcome your addiction.

We will help you build the tools and resources and provide the knowledge you need to get on track and keep moving forward.

Your addiction does not have to derail the rest of your life. We are here to help you take back control.

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