What Is a Mental Health Assessment?

A mental health assessment is crucial for anyone who may be suffering from a mental health issue.

Without an assessment, your condition may never be detected properly.

And without the assistance you need to recover, you may be needlessly doomed to a lifetime of serious problems.

At Emerald Isle, we offer free mental health assessment to help you get the treatment you need.

This no-cost testing makes it possible for you to seek help, regardless of your financial situation.

Mental health assessments are sometimes known as mental evaluations or screenings.

Doctors use these tests to explore details of your past and current mental condition.

And if you suffer from a mental illness, an assessment will allow your doctor to diagnose that illness.

Diagnosis is key. Without it, your condition may grow worse over time.

However, with a diagnosis in hand, you can get the specific treatment you need to get better.

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How Common Is Mental Illness?

If you live with significant mental health concerns, you are not alone.

Over 46 million American adults are affected by some form of mental illness. This is the equivalent of almost 19% of the total population.

Young adults experience mental health issues more often than any other age group. Chances of developing problems decrease with age.

About 11 million U.S. adults are affected by serious mental illness. This is the term for an illness that is severe enough to interfere with your daily ability to function.

Again, young adults experience these conditions more often than those who are older.

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How Can You Tell If You Need a Mental Health Assessment?

Can you tell if you need a mental evaluation? Potentially, yes. All mental illnesses produce their telltale signs and symptoms.

However, certain possible problems are more common than others. Examples of these problems include:

  • Feeling extremely down or sad
  • Developing strong feelings of helplessness or guilt
  • Going through repeated bouts of intense fear or worry
  • Losing your ability to focus or think clearly
  • Experiencing unexplained tiredness or fatigue
  • Going through large or rapid swings in your mood
  • Experiencing bouts of extreme irritability or anger
  • Turning away from social contact or activities

Not everyone who experiences these things has a diagnosable illness. Still, their presence is a warning sign that calls for an investigation.

That is why we offer a free mental health assessment in Surprise or Sun City Arizona, to help.

Who Conducts a Mental Health Assessment

Where can you go for a free mental health assessment? A range of professionals may provide needed testing. That includes:

  • Your primary care physician
  • A psychiatrist or psychologist
  • A masters-level counselor or therapist
  • A clinical social worker

As a rule, primary care doctors provide general mental health screenings. These screenings can reveal the presence of a serious issue. However, they do not typically provide detailed information on your condition.

On the other hand, a therapist or other specialist at Emerald Isle will provide more extensive mental health services. The results from one of our specialist’s assessment will gather as much detail as possible. In turn, this detail will help form the basis for an effective mental health treatment plan.

Free Mental Health Assessment Emerald Isle A man discusses his bi polar disorder with a therapist during his free mental health assessment at Emerald Isle in Surprise, AZ


What Happens Before a Mental Health Assessment?

There is no need to feel concerned about preparing for your assessment.

In fact, you do not need to do anything out of the ordinary. Just show up at the appointed time and place. Your doctor or specialist will provide any required instructions as you go through the assessment.

What Happens During an Assessment?

General Assessment

Your doctor may conduct a general assessment as part of a larger health exam. You may also undergo a separate assessment. During your evaluation, you will answer questions that cover topics such as:

  • Your typical mood
  • Your everyday emotional state
  • Any unusual changes in your mood or emotional state
  • Your normal patterns of behavior
  • Any changes in those normal patterns
  • Any additional signs or symptoms that may point to a problem

Some doctors conduct physical exams as part of their screening procedures.

In addition, you may undergo a blood test. These steps are taken to see if there are physical problems that help explain your mental health concerns.

Specialist Assessment at Emerald Isle

Our specialists use more in-depth assessment tools to examine your mental health. These tools do not only indicate the presence or absence of mental illness. They help uncover the seriousness of your condition.

Why is this important? People with mild illnesses may need different treatments than people with moderate or severe illnesses. A specialist will use the results of an assessment to clarify which level of care suits your needs.

Today, there are assessment tools available for every type of serious mental illness. Options include tests for adults, as well as younger people. Not all assessments look the same or ask you to do the same kinds of things.

For example, some tests ask you to rate your level of certain key mental illness symptoms. Others require you to answer questions posed by the specialist giving the assessment.

What Happens After an Assessment?

After completing your assessment, what comes next? If you do not show signs or symptoms of mental illness, you do not need to do anything else.

However, follow-up is key if your assessment shows that an illness is present.

In these circumstances, you must seek treatment that fits your situation.

That includes finding a mental health program for your specific kind of illness. It also includes getting treatment that is suitable for the severity of your illness.

Free Mental Health Assessment Emerald Isle  - A therapist puts her hand on the shoulder of her patient as she describes her anxiety during a free mental health assessment in Surprise, AZ at Emerald Isle.


Mental Health Assessment for People with Substance Problems

If you have a mental illness, there is a good chance that you also have problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

In fact, current research shows that the odds are about 50/50.

Fortunately, there are assessments designed for this kind of situation.

These assessments help professionals make comprehensive treatment plans.

This is important because such plans are needed to ensure that you get the care required to recover from health issues.

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Mental health evaluations are vital resources for anyone who may have a mental illness.

They make it possible to detect the symptoms of such an illness.

They also make it possible for doctors to devise personalized treatment plans for your situation. Unless you get this kind of treatment, you may find yourself caught in a cycle of worsening health.

Far too many people suffer this kind of fate, even though effective care is available.

You may not be able to tell on your own if your mental health is declining. However, you may notice certain things that point to a potential problem. In either case, an assessment will help uncover the true nature of the situation. Some assessments are performed by primary care physicians, or PCPs.

Free Mental Health Assessment at Emerald Isle

Mental health specialists at Emerald Isle provide these services. Specialists provide more detailed testing that PCPs.

There are detailed assessments to suit all major mental illnesses. These tests do not all work in the same way.

However, each one provides results that help pinpoint the type and severity of your illness.

If you fear you have mental health problem, the last thing you want is to worry about the cost of an assessment.

For this reason, free assessments are crucial. These no-cost evaluations eliminate any potential financial barriers. In this way, they bring entry into effective care within reach of everyone.

Need more information on a free assessment? Contact Emerald Isle today.

We specialize in no-cost testing that helps you clarify your current situation. We also offer comprehensive mental health services for anyone who needs this kind of targeted care.