Using Axis or AHCCCS Medicaid Coverage for Rehab in Arizona

Insurance coverage is a huge headache for many Americans. When it comes to rehabs, you should seek out a facility that deals with your insurance provider so you can avoid the problems that usually crop up. Knowing that, how can you find rehab centers that accept AHCCCS?

Read on to learn about AHCCCS and how Emerald Isle Health & Recovery will work with you to ensure that you’re covered by insurance during your time with us!

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Substance abuse disorders – What are they?

Substance abuse is an umbrella term for the harmful use of psychoactive drugs, which include illegal drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol. Because drug use has numerous health risks, people who suffer from substance abuse disorders may experience serious physical or mental health problems because of their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Substance abuse disorders

Substance abuse can lead to dependence and addiction. Dependence occurs when a person’s body becomes used to a drug over time. This means that the person will need more and more of the substance to get high or feel good. Addiction occurs when a person cannot stop using the substance despite negative consequences in their lives.

Signs and symptoms of a substance use disorder

As you develop a substance use disorder, your mental health begins to decline further simultaneously. Many times, this cycle is something of a feedback loop wherein the declining mental health issues result in a deeper spiral into struggling with substance use. There are several broad signs and symptoms that may indicate the presence of a substance use disorder. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Taking the drug in larger amounts or over a longer period than intended
  • An inability to reduce the substance use despite a clear desire to do so
  • An inordinate amount of time spent acquiring, using, and recovering from the effects of the substance
  • Important social, occupational or recreational activities given up or reduced because of substance use
  • Continued use despite knowledge of having a persistent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by the drug

The dangers of substance abuse

Substance use disorders are a significant public health concern in the United States. In 2016, an estimated 2 million people met the criteria for a substance use disorder related to prescription pain relievers, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Substance abuse can affect your life in several ways, from health all the way up to the law. Some of the more common ways are explored below.

Health Effects of Addiction

The use of alcohol or drugs can lead to serious health problems such as liver disease, heart disease, lung disease, brain damage, and cancer (NIDA). Some people also die from accidental overdose when they combine multiple substances with dangerous effects. Chronic alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of death in American adults ages 35-64 years old (NIH).

Drugs and alcohol change how your brain functions. As a result, they can cause underlying mental illness like depression and anxiety (CDC). People who have these problems may turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape from their feelings. However, abusing substances only makes things worse — over time, these substances worsen mental health problems by changing brain chemistry and making it harder for people to feel normal without them (NIDA).

Social Effects of Substance Use Disorders

Substance abuse can have social consequences for your life. If you are abusing drugs or alcohol, you may lose friends, family members and job opportunities. You might also hurt yourself or others while under the influence of a substance. There is also the matter of legality. Most substances prone to abuse are controlled substances and thus, being in possession of them and consuming them amounts to a crime and puts you at risk of legal consequences.

The social consequences of substance abuse vary depending on the type of substance being abused and the severity of the addiction. Your ability to function on the job decreases and, consequently, you risk being fired. Persons known to be struggling with a drug habit have a notoriously hard time finding and keeping employment, unfortunately even if they are now clean. The stigma attached to illegal drug use is still quite strong.

Why substance use treatment matters

substance use treatment

There are many reasons why addiction treatment is so important. One of the most important reasons is that addiction affects all aspects of your life, including your physical health, mental health and social relationships. If left untreated, an addiction can lead to serious problems such as death from overdose or suicide.

Addiction treatment programs are designed to help people with substance abuse problems get their lives back on track by addressing the underlying issues that led them to develop an addiction in the first place. These programs aim to help people learn how to live a healthy life without using drugs or alcohol in any way.

The treatment options available at Rehab Centers that Accept AHCCCS

Substance abuse treatment can mean the difference between life and death. Professional treatment facilities offer a full suite of addiction treatment services. This includes a range of detox, behavioral health services, and holistic treatment options. For the most part, treatment providers offer individualized plans because treatment for drug addiction is definitely not a one-size-fits-all thing. Let’s look at some of the components that make up effective treatment and how they can help you achieve long-term recovery.

Inpatient programs for Addiction and Mental Health

Inpatient treatment programs provide 24/7 medical and mental health treatment in a safe environment, usually a rehab center, where clients can focus on recovery without distractions. Inpatient treatment usually lasts between 30 and 90 days, depending on the severity of the addiction and the needs of each individual patient.

Outpatient addiction treatment programs

Outpatient addiction treatment allows clients to continue living at home or with their families during treatment. This type of program can be effective for individuals who have mild to moderate addictions. The main advantage of outpatient treatment is that it allows you to continue living at home and working. Outpatient programs also allow you to maintain some of your responsibilities, such as raising children or going to school, while receiving treatment.

Outpatient treatment can be beneficial for people who have jobs or other obligations that prevent them from participating in residential treatment programs. The benefits of outpatient treatment programs are that they do not require you to check into a residential facility, nor do they require you to stay at home while recovering from addiction. You can go about your daily life while receiving the help and support needed to overcome your addiction.

Outpatient treatment services can be used as a stepping stone before going into an inpatient rehabilitation center, or they can be used as a way to continue recovery after completing an inpatient treatment program.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is a form of therapy that uses medications to help people recover from drug or alcohol addiction. These medications are used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings for drugs and alcohol, so that people can focus on the other aspects of their recovery. This is commonly associated with the detox phase.

Therapies used in Rehab Settings

Mental health treatment is a critical component of recovery. Good rehab centers have qualified addiction treatment practitioners who are qualified to dispense professional treatment advice via various therapeutic formats including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This can be done in a group or one-on-one. Support groups are also instrumental in helping ensure long-term healing.

The cost of addiction treatment at Rehab Centers that Accept AHCCCS

The cost of addiction treatment is an important consideration when deciding where to go for help. It can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out how to pay for treatment, but there are many options available. The good news is that even if you’re not able to afford the full price tag of a private rehab center, you can still receive high-quality care at a lower cost.

Rehab costs vary from one facility to another and depend on a number of factors, including the type and duration of treatment offered at the facility. Some types of treatment programs may be more expensive than others because they require more time or resources — for instance, inpatient facilities usually have higher costs than outpatient ones because they require more employees and resources.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid Website

Healthcare costs in the US are quite expensive if you have to pay a medical provider out of pocket. This is where an insurance health plan can come into play, as well as finding rehab centers that accept AHCCCS. The Affordable Care Act Medicaid is a health insurance program that helps people with limited income and resources pay for health care.

Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides coverage to people who meet certain requirements. If you qualify for Medicaid, you may be able to get healthcare services from the many rehab centers that are covered by the program.

Arizona Medicaid Coverage – The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

Medicaid is handled on a state by state basis. The Arizona Medicaid plan is known as the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (or AHCCCS). Arizona residents can benefit from AHCCCS insurance at supported centers in Arizona.

AHCCCS coverage is provided to those under the federal poverty level including low-income children and families, pregnant women, aged, blind and disabled persons, and medically frail individuals.

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