Coronavirus, Unemployment and Alcoholism


Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a prevalent and troubling.

It can lead to the inability to gain control over your drinking habits.

When you suffer from alcoholism, you may feel like each day is a struggle. You may feel like you cannot function without alcohol.

Alcoholism is a disease that affects your brain and central nervous system.

Even if you want to stop drinking, cravings and withdrawal symptoms may make it too difficult.


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Why This Year is Different

This year, in addition to the many other reasons that alcoholism may develop, the coronavirus pandemic has brought an additional set of personal problems to battle.

After months of missing special occasions, vacations, and everyday interactions, the distancing caused by the coronavirus has left many people feeling isolated.

Sky-high unemployment rates have found a record number of Americans struggling financially, as well.

These things have led many people to drink heavily or abuse drugs for the first time and led former addicts to relapse.


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Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism

Alcohol has been used as a coping mechanism for underlying mental health disorders and stressful lifestyles for many years. But the problem with this is that it is not a sustainable or healthy coping mechanism.

Over time, alcoholism often leads to a variety of negative emotional, professional, and health-related impacts.

If you are struggling with coronavirus-related alcohol or drug abuse, Emerald Isle can help.

In both our Surprise and Sun City, Arizona, locations, we offer comprehensive alcohol rehab care in multiple settings and programs.


Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are often confused for one another.

Alcohol abuse is synonymous with binge drinking or ingesting harmful amounts of alcohol. This includes having several drinks in a short amount of time.

Many people binge drink or abuse alcohol when they go to a party, happy hour, or another social gathering. But abusing alcohol is not the same as suffering from alcoholism.

To be categorized as someone struggling with alcoholism, you must feel addicted or dependent on the substance.


Binge Drinking

While still unhealthy, people who abuse alcohol may binge drink at a party one weekend and then not drink again until the following weekend.

They may feel hungover the following day but continue to function normally. They may attend to work and family obligations without the aid of continued drinking.

Alternatively, someone suffering from alcoholism may wake up the following day and feel that they need to drink in order to function.

If you are unsure if your alcohol abuse has crossed over into alcoholism, the experts in our Sun City and Surprise facilities can help you assess your condition.

Coronavirus,  Unemployment and Alcoholism Emerald Isle -


Reasons for Alcoholism

There are many different reasons that someone may become an alcoholic and need alcohol rehab.

Traditionally, we have seen the connections between alcoholism and genetics, certain mental health disorders, and environmental factors. Some studies have attributed up to 65% of the cause of alcohol dependence to genetics alone.

Because alcohol is such a normalized substance, many people do not realize how damaging it can be. Alcohol is addictive and can alter your brain chemistry. Once the addiction begins, it is difficult to stop on your own.

No matter the reasons for your alcoholism, our Sun City and Surprise facilities have spent years developing comprehensive alcohol rehab programs.


Coronavirus Unemployment and Alcoholism

This year, COVID-19 has contributed to the prevalence of alcoholism in the United States. Social isolation, financial troubles, and the constant news cycle have hurt the mental health of many people.

Conditions like anxiety disorders and depression may be worsened and addictions may deepen or begin for the first time. We are facing challenges that none of us have faced before.

While this year may feel challenging and scary, it is important for you to remember that you are not alone. You can find help in either our Surprise or Sun City locations.


Alcohol Use Disorder

Nearly 18 million adults in the United States have an Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD.

Alcoholism can be sneaky and subtle. Addiction may develop by the time you realize that you have a drinking problem.

This is particularly true if you were exposed to alcohol abuse or addiction when you were young. This causes many people to believe that alcoholism or abuse is normal.

Trauma, stress, and other environmental factors may also make it more difficult to quit drinking.

Our alcohol rehab will help you address all alcohol-related complications and underlying factors to give you the greatest chance of success.


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Signs of an Alcohol Addiction

With beer, wine, and alcohol around every corner, this addiction can be difficult to recognize.

We see alcoholic beverages on dinner tables, at office and family holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. Many people use it both to celebrate and to ease their stress.

These factors make alcoholism easy to deny and ignore. But there are many signs to watch for.

If you are suffering from alcoholism, you may:

  • Avoid attending social gatherings, other events, or going to places where you cannot drink
  • Need more alcohol now to get drunk than you did when you started drinking
  • Crave alcohol quickly after your last drink
  • Suffer mental or physical withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit on your own
  • Continue to drink to relieve your cravings or withdrawal symptoms
  • Feel that your thoughts, behaviors, or relationships have been altered due to your drinking habits

Our Sun City and Surprise alcohol rehab centers can help you address these concerns and others.


Side Effects of Alcohol Addiction

There are many short and long-term consequences of alcoholism.

In addition to being linked to damaged relationships, accidents, and criminal activity, many mental and physical health consequences may occur.

Common alcoholism-related health risks include:

  • Blood pressure increases that may lead to heart or liver disease or stroke
  • Several different cancers, including mouth, throat, liver, and colon, among others
  • Impairments to your memory or learning abilities
  • Impairments to your decision-making abilities
  • Increases in the prevalence of certain mental health disorders like depression or anxiety
  • While these are common alcoholism-related health risks, there are many others are that possible.

We recommend treating your alcoholism as the best way to avoid these risks.

Our Sun City and Surprise alcohol rehab programs are designed to help you gain strength and confidence, overcome obstacles, and develop the knowledge and tools you need to overcome your addiction.

We aim for long-term guidance and support, and many people find that they have built lifelong support systems in their time here.

Coronavirus,  Unemployment and Alcoholism Emerald Isle -


Treatment Options for Alcoholism

If you are recovering from alcoholism, you can find comprehensive support through your recovery.

Help is available at Emerald Isle in Surprise and Sun City. Depending on your drinking habits, mental health, and other needs, we will help you build a customized program that works for you.

This program may be inpatient, outpatient, or in another supplemental style. Moderate to severe alcoholism may require inpatient treatment. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be intense.

In our inpatient program is Sun City or Surprise, we can begin with a medical detox that eases these cravings and symptoms.

In this setting, it is also easier for us to track your progress and help you avoid relapsing by removing temptations.


Paying for Alcohol Rehab

Paying for alcohol rehab is more affordable than you might think.

Our Emerald Isle facilities accept most major health insurance providers.

Call our addiction specialists today for your free insurance verification.

If you do not have insurance, we can provide information regarding alternative payment options. Let us help you change your life.


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Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Whether your alcoholism is related to the coronavirus, your mental health, other environmental factors, or some combination of these things, we will do our best to help you address each issue for a well-rounded recovery.

You do not have to face your recovery alone. We will offer you support and guidance for as long as you need it.

Our customized alcohol rehab programs are versatile, well-rounded, holistic, and backed by years of research, science, and implementation.

Help is one phone call away.