Alcoholism With Psychosis


What is Alcoholism With Psychosis?

When it comes to the side effects of alcoholism, not many people know about alcoholism and psychosis.

It is one of the most frightening alcohol-related side effects that someone can experience.

It can happen when someone is extremely intoxicated, when they have a severe alcohol addiction, or when they are withdrawing from alcohol.

For most people, the symptoms of psychosis go away when they stop drinking or complete detox.

But for people with the most severe alcohol additions, the effects of psychosis can be long-term and even life-threatening.


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Understanding Alcoholism With Psychosis

Psychosis is a disruption in the way that a person thinks and perceives the world around them.

This disruption makes it difficult for them to tell what is real and what is not, including seeing or hearing things that are not real, or having intrusive, unwanted thoughts.

Alcoholism creates this problem because of the way it affects your brain.

Other symptoms of alcoholism with psychosis can include:

  • problems thinking clearly or concentrating
  • trouble remembering things
  • difficulty understanding what is real and what is not
  • inappropriate behaviors or reactions to situations
  • speaking incoherently
  • delusions or hallucinations

These symptoms can mimic schizophrenia and can be very scary to experience.

Once someone with a drinking problem begins experiencing psychosis, the symptoms can go away quickly if they stop drinking.

But if they continue drinking, they run the risk of these issues becoming long-lasting.

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What is a Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis, also called a co-occurring disorder, is when a person has a substance abuse disorder and a mental illness.

Alcoholism with psychosis is considered a dual diagnosis. It is very common for someone with alcohol addiction to suffer from at least one mental health issue. An estimated 50 percent of all people who abuse alcohol also have a mental illness.

There are three major factors doctors think contribute to a dual diagnosis.

First, both alcohol abuse and mental health issues can be caused by stress, trauma, or genetics. Second, certain mental health disorders can make you more likely to abuse alcohol. This happens when people try to use alcohol to treat their mental health symptoms. Third, alcohol abuse can lead to mental health issues.

Alcohol changes how your brain releases chemicals that control your emotions, making it more likely you will end up with a dual diagnosis.

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Effects and Abuse of Alcohol

The risks of alcoholism are not just related to your mental health. The adverse physical effects of alcoholism have been well-documented by doctors for many years. This is because long-term alcohol abuse can cause damage to the cells in many of your organs. The longer you abuse alcohol, the more likely you are to experience health problems.

These problems can include:

  • Liver diseases such as cirrhosis, fibrosis, and alcoholic hepatitis
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Higher risk of certain types of cancer, including throat, liver, colon, throat, mouth, or breast cancer
  • Short- and long-term memory problems

These health issues are not the only danger that alcoholism poses to your body. People who suffer from alcohol addiction are more likely to be injured and even killed in car accidents, falls, homicides, suicides, and drownings. They are also more likely to deal with issues like domestic violence and sexual assault.

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The Three Types and Symptoms of Alcoholism With Psychosis

Alcoholism and psychosis do not just happen due to one single trigger, and not all alcohol-induced psychosis is the same. There are three different types of alcoholism with psychosis. These include:

Intoxication Psychosis – This type of alcohol-related psychosis is the least common but is still equally serious. It happens when someone drinks so much alcohol that it makes them experience symptoms of psychosis. For most people, the symptoms will go away once the alcohol gets out of their system. The most significant risk of this type of alcoholism with psychosis is that it can lead to alcohol poisoning. This life-threatening condition occurs when there is too much alcohol in your body for it to process. This can lead to organ failure and coma and often leads to death if not treated as soon as possible.
Chronic Alcoholism Psychosis – People who have abused alcohol for many years can experience this type of alcoholism with psychosis. Its symptoms are usually auditory hallucinations and happen after heavy alcohol use. It can also include delusions or severe mood swings. These symptoms can last for hours, days, and even weeks. If left untreated, it can lead to long-lasting symptoms, much like schizophrenia.
Alcohol Withdrawal Psychosis – For some people, alcohol-related psychosis can happen when you start withdrawing from alcohol. This usually happens to people who stop drinking after abusing large amounts of alcohol for an extended period of time. Alcohol changes the way your brain works, making your brain cause psychosis symptoms when you stop drinking.


When it comes to treating a dual diagnosis, like alcoholism with psychosis, having the support of a reputable alcohol rehab like Emerald Isle Health and Recovery can make a huge difference. That is because we have many different treatment options available to help with both your alcohol addiction and your psychosis symptoms. These treatment options make it more likely for long-term success in staying sober.

Treatment plans often include:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Partial hospitalization rehab
  • Therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Aftercare support programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous

Treatment plans vary because the length and intensity are customized for each client’s unique situation. That is why we work with every client on an individual basis to create the most effective treatment plan before you enter our facility. And if your needs change, so will your treatment.

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