Ben Affleck Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction and Journey to Sobriety

At the end of February, Ben Affleck made a guest appearance on Good Morning America, where he got real and raw about his past — Ben Affleck and his alcohol addiction struggles.

Early in his career, the Oscar Award-winning star worked hard but partied even harder without shying away from the media.

His frequent public displays of inebriation left many fans, friends, and family wondering if something deeper was going on behind the scenes.

The Batman star checked into rehab for the first time in 2001, followed by a quick stint in 2017 and again in 2018.

His journey to sobriety has been nothing short of challenging, but Affleck persisted through even the most difficult of relapses.

Immediate Placement in Alcohol Rehab

Unfortunately, after celebrating a year of sobriety, the Good Will Hunting actor experienced another setback in October 2019.

Now, Affleck is taking things one step at a time, and placing his focus on being the best father to his children and getting his career back on track.

Ben Affleck and His Alcohol Addiction