Suicide and Binge Drinking Among College Students

Alcohol Abuse and Suicide  

While alcohol abuse is linked to higher suicide rates in many demographics, college students may be at a higher risk.

This is due, in part, to the fact that they are experiencing a transitionary age, where parties, get-togethers, and even peer pressure are quite common.

As you enter early adulthood, you may be living away from your parents, siblings, and friends for the first time.

The additional pressures of studying and career planning make this more challenging.

What may be the bigger issue is how easy it is now to access and binge drink alcohol.

Our Sun City and Surprise, Arizona, rehab facilities can help you address these concerns and more.

Immediate Placement in Alcohol Rehab

Reasons for Alcohol Abuse in College Students

Between major life changes, pressures, and access, it is easy to fall into the cycle of alcohol abuse in college.

Peer pressure, new stresses, family problems, school expectations, and even existing mental health disorders all contribute to this problem.

This cycle is troubling and can be difficult to break.

Alcohol abuse often turns into physical dependency and addiction.

No matter the reasons that your alcohol abuse began, it is important to treat it before it gets out of hand.

Demographics that are prone to substance abuse issues, such as college students, are at a higher risk. Why? Excessive drinking transpires at the highest rates among college-aged adults.

Individuals between 18 and 22 are the most likely to abuse alcohol out of any demographic.

This tends to lead to troubling physical and mental health risks, including suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Suicide and Binge Drinking Emerald Isle - A college student binges on alcohol intake.


Suicide Rates Among College Students

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among college students. Negative or stressful life events are major contributing factors that offer a link between drinking and suicide rates. These events may include anything from the end of your first serious relationship to the death of a family member while you are away. Balancing classes, work, career planning, and your social life can also contribute to excessive drinking and partying that could potentially lead to suicide if the drinking becomes over-the-top and out of control. In addition to negative life events like these already being linked to depressive episodes, binge drinking to cope with the pain can lead to depressive episodes on its own.

Alcohol alters your brain chemistry. This is particularly challenging when your brain is still developing while living on your own for the first time. Alcohol abuse can both lead to new mental health disorders and worsen existing disorders. Depression is commonly linked to alcohol abuse, and depressive episodes are frequently connected to suicidal thoughts and actions. We offer a variety of comprehensive care plans in Surprise and Sun City that can help you turn the tables on your alcohol abuse. Whether you are facing alcohol abuse alone or a mental health disorder, there are programs available that can help.


Dual Diagnosis Care

When you are suffering from both a substance abuse disorder and a mental health condition, this called a dual diagnosis. With a complicated condition such as this one, a dedicated, comprehensive, and high-level program tends to be the best course of action. Our dual diagnosis care in Sun City and Surprise revolves around inpatient care. This gives you the highest level of support and guidance. Abusing alcohol in these formative years can have long-term implications. When you abuse alcohol in college, you are more likely to develop an alcohol use disorder as you age. Let us help you now so you have what you need to commit to a healthier and sober future.

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Alcohol Abuse and Physical Health Risks

Many physical and mental health problems have been strongly linked to alcohol abuse. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to attend rehab for alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse has been linked to more than 60 diseases and physical injury types. Some of the most common of these alcohol abuse-related concerns include:

  • Several types of cancers, with esophageal and liver cancer being two of the most common, include:
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Epilepsy
  • Car accidents
  • Homicide


Alcohol Abuse and Mental Health Risks

A variety of mental health risks are linked to alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse and addiction often increase the likelihood of uncharacteristic behaviors and thoughts of suicide. Among the most common are suicidal thoughts or acts, as well as mental health disorders like depression. Our alcohol rehab programs in Sun City and Surprise will give you the strength, guidance, tools, and knowledge you need to avoid these complications and others.

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Alcohol Abuse Treatments

Depending on your level of abuse, mental health, daily schedule, and other needs, we will build a program that fits your specific requirements and goals. This program may be inpatient, outpatient, or somewhere in between. Whichever setting you choose to seek treatment in, your alcohol rehab program may include all or some of the following treatment methods:

  • Medically-assisted detox (if necessary)
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions and support groups
  • Addiction management training
  • Life skill courses or seminars
  • Holistic remedies
  • Exercise programs
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Recreational activities

Our facilities are safe and secure. Arizona is a wonderful place to seek comprehensive care. It is full of outdoor activities, hiking trails, mountains, and fresh air. This makes Arizona an ideal place to seek peace and clarity and set yourself up for success.

Suicide and Binge Drinking Emerald Isle - A group of college students meets during group therapy to discuss suicide and binge drinking among college students.


Treatment Setting Options

Our comprehensive care plans in Surprise and Sun City come in a variety of options. Inpatient care is the most common. Regardless of which program you choose, our support does not end when your program does. After your inpatient program, you may choose to graduate to a supplemental care program, like an intensive outpatient program or a traditional outpatient program. These additional programs allow you to live at home or at school while you attend your program and keep steady on your path to recovery.

You can attend therapy sessions, support groups, and meetings outside of traditional business hours so nothing else has to fall to the wayside. During this time, you will develop new skills, tools, and addiction management techniques. You will build support systems and learn how to commit to your health and happiness. Our addiction specialists will help you choose the right program for you based on your initial progress and continued needs for recovery and sober living. Through other supplemental programs, continued support groups, meetings, and alumni groups, you will have access to continued care and aftercare planning and services for as long as you need.


Paying for Treatment

Paying for treatment is one of the primary reasons that so many individuals avoid getting the addiction care they need. But addiction treatments may be easier to pay for than you might think. Our Emerald Isle facilities in Sun City and Surprise accept most major health insurance providers. Call one of our addiction specialists today for a free insurance consultation and verification. If you do not health insurance or your coverage falls short, we are happy to discuss alternative payment options to ensure your health and safety. Do not let costs deter you from getting the care you need to turn your life around.

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Emerald Isle Alcohol Abuse Centers  

No matter the reasons your alcohol abuse developed, the long-term consequences are troubling, but they can be stopped. Putting in the effort to break the cycle now can save you from many complications down the road. We will do everything we can to help you address each issue and establish a well-rounded recovery. When you choose Emerald Isle, you do not have to face your problems alone. We are here to provide guidance and support before, during, and after your treatment program. Come see what makes Emerald Isle the preferred drug and alcohol rehabilitation provider in both Sun City and Surprise, Arizona.